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An appeal to higher powers and the kindness of strangers.

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  • An appeal to higher powers and the kindness of strangers.

    If I could have a moment of your time, I would like to make an argument, a request and an appeal.

    My argument is this.
    Access to the Only revolutions spoiler poster would be a huge boon to the fans of OR and any discussion around the book.
    Several posts made on the forum suggest that it was decided that the spoiler poster was not welcome here. I suggest that perhaps this was not the best idea. Putting aside how it puts the best(those with less time/patience/endurance then me might say the "only") path to unlocking, enjoying and examining the books richest rewards in the hands of a very small group of people, as well as my frustration at the artificial rarefying of interesting discussion, my point is best made by a simple question?
    Why not?
    This books strengths and beauties are not so fragile as to evaporate from mere explanation. Though from what I've been able to infer, the poster provides insight rather than outright explanation. Perhaps I am exposing my weakness as a reader in suggesting the use of tools. But if so I am not bothered, and my argument remains largely unaffected.

    So then my request.
    Would a kind soul with a decent quality pdf. be willing to share their bounty with me?

    And finally, my plea.
    MZD, please release a new more accessible version of the poster. Only good things could come of it.

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    hi there ! I got a copy of that poster and i'd be happy to share it with you it certainly gives a look at the building tools of OR that famous set of scaffolds that finished works erased behind themselves i remember finding out about the "spoiler" on this very forum, ordering the french magazine that contained it and a couple years later I got a giant size copy of it from the publisher of that magazine who was holding a book-sale. It helped me feel the rosace-like rule of symmetry ordering events in the the duo of narratives. I'll devise a link in MP.


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      could you maybe send it to me too? i'd be happy to see the secrets hidden in the poster. i hope it could help figuring out the book.


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        I am also interested in that poster. How have you gone about reproducing it? A jumbo digital image, or a hardcopy-to-hardcopy deal?