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Sept. 19 1988 (pg 62) matches May 8 1987?

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  • Sept. 19 1988 (pg 62) matches May 8 1987?

    Okay-This may have been brought up already but i didnt see it anywhere. Bare with me if it has been said-but the back of the September 19 1988 letter,
    it has random words that dont make sense, yes?

    Well I flipped back to the May 8, 1987 letter (The really long coded message) And found that some of the words (Thought to be meaningless beyond the code) in the letter match the ones on page 62.

    I really just started underlining the words as they appear so I have no idea what/if this means anything.

    Once again-i didnt hear anything about this before and if it's been discussed already then...sorry...

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    Hi there,

    you mean something like this? <== (that's a link), the new forum's really screwed up the formatting in that thread. I'll have to tend to it when I get a minute.

    [Edited to make link more obvious, since they don't stand out with the new forum colour scheme]