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  • Five and half diagram

    After trying a few combos with the search function and not getting any luck, I was wondering if you guys could tell me is this has been discussed before, and if so, where.

    Please PM so I can delete this message if needed be.


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    Hey elmago, welcome back! Where the hell you been, hombre?

    Never seen the 5˝ minute powerpoint presentation before; thanks.

    I'm not exactly sure what Ms Padfoot was hoping to demonstrate through her little project, but perhaps that's what we can discuss in this thread, eh? Perhaps in relation to the commentary on Chapter 1, and/or Chapter V.5, if we ever get that far.


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      I get a bizarre feeling of unreality having read through that. I can't remember if the feeling was the same when I first read the book, but I look at that and think there must be a cut somewhere.

      The book, as I'm sure we all know, makes the point of the lack of a cut by having that entire description in one sentece, so maybe that's what we're missing when going through the presentation.

      I think the presentation helps make the entire video feel a little odd that there are voices from other people that we never see—disembodied, if you will. That particular detail was understood, but I never really grasped how odd that would be; to watch this video and not see people you can very clearly hear.

      Thanks very much, elmago.


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        Thanks for the warm welcome, fearful. I've been making a slow comeback because school and work got tied me up, also because I've been trying to absorb the enormous amount of material produced in my absence. The Key to all mytologies is amazing, but it takes a while to read.

        I got the same feeling as modified reading through the presentation. The fact that there must be a cut somewhere. It got me thinking on how you would produce such a piece of film without the need of an actual 5D .

        If you take the presentation as a screenboard, several oportunities arise in where you may use cuts to make it appear like it was made in one shot. (wich brings to mind Hitchcock's The Rope) Computers, Bluescreen technology and simple opitcal tricks to add a sense of depth to the hallway all could create this shot. (why hasn't anybody tried to fim that alrady?)

        On the unembodied voices, we should remeber Holman's contribution to TNR.