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    Thank you--I love boldtype, I didn't know mzd did a boldtype interview.


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      where is that first reading in the book. i dont have my copy with me and it has been a little to long (3 months) since i read the book. doe sanyone know a pge number.


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        It's selected passages from the Introduction.
        • ○ "I still..." to "...alot" (p. xi), missing out the paragraph between "...used to nightmares" and "I'm so tired".
          ○ "As I discovered..." to "...took it home" (pp. xvii-xviii), missing out a sizeable chunk between "...nothing at all" and "I think now if someone...".
          ○ And finally "This much I'm certain of..." to "...nightmares will begin" (pp. xxii-xxiii), missing out a short section between "...for hours" and "It will get so bad...".
        The second reading is from the end of Chapter II (pp. 17-18).

        These are actually the first two tracks off The Five and a Half Minute Hallway.

        The others are:
        The Intrusion: 24, 28
        Mad Woman: 150
        Whalestoe Letter (Part 1): 592-593
        Whalestoe Letter (Part 2): 624, 619, 623
        The Five and a Half Minute Hallway: (Poe: "I live at the end of a five and a half minute hallway, but as far as I can see you are still miles from me in your doorway.")

        While I'm at it, here are the page references for Exploration #4:
        That Place: ??, 558
        Could Have Gone Mad: 24
        Enter the Beast: 25-27
        Control: (Poe: "Don't you mess with me.")
        Echo | Lemon Meringue: 50, ??, 574, 564
        Exploration A | Amazed: 56-57, 63-64
        Just Another Drive | Hey Pretty: 88-89
        The Panther: 559-600
        Wild: 600, (Poe: "Tell me what you've come for... I go wild... like a hunter...")
        Exit the Man: 122-125
        Terrible Thought: 125, 19, 623, ??, 558, ??, 574, 314, xi, 32, 268, 619, xi, 600, 24, 619, 550(??)
        Footnotes 301 & 302 | Haunted: 337, (Poe: "And I'm haunted, by the lives that I have loved, and actions I have hated. Im haunted, by the lives that wove the web inside my haunted head."), 337-338.

        "??" refer to samples of TZD's voice, I think:
        • "Anyway... I miss you a lot old man."
          "This is an open book. I'm not lecturing; I'm sharing with you some of my reflections."
          "Love you most, bye."(which is scribbled near the bottom of p. 550.)
        "19" refers to The Whalestoe Letters (Nov. 6, 1984) even though it's actually from the song by Poe.

        In addition there's also the New York Times reading.