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DicHol : I - infanticide

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  • DicHol : I - infanticide

    infanticide est INEX

    p 570 (C. ... et documents.)

    Note [...] Chapter [...]
    Perhaps I will alter the whole thing <-- Ghost : NE gost, gast fr. CE gast : von to otto geist
    spirit (also Flem. gheest,[...] meanings 'principle of life') and Slat hedas her, pre-Teutonic
    Sheizdo-zhury, angr.; [...] sense'[...] rase, Goth usgaisjan to terrify; outside text.
    Kill both children. Murder is a better word. Chad scrambling (allant à quatre pattes) to
    escape, almost making it to the front door where Karen waits, until a corner in the foyer
    suddenly leaps (jaillisse) forward and hews (coupe) the boy in half. At the same time
    Navidson, by the kitchen, reaches for Daisy, only to arrive a fraction of a second too late,
    his fingers finding air, his eyes scratching after Daisy as she falls to her death. Let both
    parents experience tht Let their narcissism fond a new object to wither by (pour s'y faner).
    Douse (plonge) them in infanticide --> the derivates seem to point to primary sense " to
    wound, tear, pull to pisces."
    Drown them in blood.

    One or the other
    one after the other.


    Mz 2,147

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    Re: DicHol : I - infanticide

    Originally posted by Nash
    Mz 2,147
    Ca, ça fait un brave moment que ça me travaille. MzD, Poe ? Mz badg ? Pour l'instant, ça reste INEX :x


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      Je voulais juste faire attention au fait que la définition de 'ghost' est écrite sur du papier à lettres à en-tête de l'hôtel Connaught à Londres.
      Un lien assez fort avec M. Vahdé (pp. 155-157), vous trouvez pas?

      Edit: euh, comme avait évidemment déjà signalé pwhite ici 8-[ #-o