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HoLA: Week 5 (June 19-25) pp 107-152,541-547,573-580 (61 pp)-Post here June 26th on

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  • HoLA: Week 5 (June 19-25) pp 107-152,541-547,573-580 (61 pp)-Post here June 26th on

    of Leaves Again: The 2009 Re-Read!

    This discussion begins Friday, June 26th over pages 107-152, 541-547, and 573-580 (61 pages).

    Don't forget to cite the page numbers you wish to reference and quote people in posts.


    No spoilers allowed, please. This means that no material in this thread should reference things outside pages already read.

    Because we have to make this restriction, you may have already guessed, the rest of the forum does not take this precaution. To my knowledge, these re-read threads are the only spoiler-free areas of the forums.

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    Originally posted by elmago, in the week 1 thread
    The are no hyphens to break lines, I wonder why.
    I noticed a few so far. p. 111, in the key*, p. 121, the box of things not in the ... and in the same area with the lists (p. 120-134).

    However, it seems to only happen with 'special' formatting, not just the "typical" JT or Z text.

    *(the line with
    the third pilcrow)


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      Hrm... nevermind, I guess?

      p. 122:

      "During the walk down, Hol-
      loway had prudently..."

      However, it is near the 'special' formatting...


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        "one big fucking train wreck"


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          I am fairly convinced Hailey is the Hailey in OR.


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            This section was pretty brutal.

            Difficult to read, confusing... dense.