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  • Haunted?

    Ok, I don't want to sound ignorant or anything, but I just recently, (a month or so ago) started getting into HOL, and since I've seen many things on this board about "haunted", and I just wondered, what is haunted? And I'd like to know more about it. I haven't gotten to research HOL a lot, so please be patient with my question. Also, who is the Pelafina I've been hearing about. Sorry about the stupid questions, but I haven't read the book completely, and I'm dieing to know the answers to these questions.

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    Haunted is an album, the connection to HoL is that MZD's sister, or sister's group or whatever, recorded the album.

    Pelafina is the author of the Whalestoe letters - see Appendix 2 (E). But if I were you I would avoid reading this board till you have finished HoL, as the information on this board may compromise your enjoyment. Come back to us when you are finished though. Seriously, it would be a shame to ruin the book because you have read some of the ideas on this board.