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Navidson Record Plot??

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  • Navidson Record Plot??

    I sat up thinking late at night and got to thinking of the Navidson Record and what it meant outside of a documentary about the ...

    I got to thinking that maybe it was created by whomever we are to believe the actual writer to symbolize Navidson's ability to capture the world around him, specifically the people and their feelings. *reference to this when describing karen's jewlery box and mention of the 'leaves of feeling' that it contained. i was like hmm, maybe because Navidson is able to look inside her box it's a metaphor for his ability to capture and gain sight into other's lives and feelings, but when he begins to look at his own feelings and life then the world starts to fall apart.
    as he moves to virginia to the he is seeking a new life to finally "settle down," usually consisting of a gaining of self-knowledge. i've come to believe that when he starts to peer into himself that the begins to take shape, or void... (paradox??)
    anyway, i don't want to ruin the ending, but i want to say that the destroys everything of navidson's world (tom, relationships, holloway, etc.) it's like when you try to observe your "leaves of feelings" you don't just observe, you feel. Navy feels, he feels and it alters him and his existence.

    (this is just my speculation and it's probably already been said and it's so underthought that it's laughable)

    *note: i haven't finished the book yet, but i'm almost there... if there is an end or just another door at the end of this five and a half minute hallway...

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    Navidson Record Plot??

    this got me thinking too when i was reading the cigarette burns thread, but i didn't think it all that fitting to go there at the time.

    perhaps a little "memento" like in my thought pattern at this moment, maybe "narrator/narrators" are altering the material so as to keep the darkness around the stories/events. Z thru the burns and XXXXXXing's and truant through his stories that seem to go nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Z is a little more upfront with his methods of obscuring the truth while truant in his attempts to find truth only gives us more paths to walk down. kind of like how lude gives johnny the lighter in his plea for johnny to get help, but the lighter only becomes a means of furthering truants absorption into the book... bah, this is going nowhere fast...