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Anyone talk about the colors mentioned in Pelafina's letters?

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  • Anyone talk about the colors mentioned in Pelafina's letters?

    I had a look but didn't see anyone talk about this.
    I noticed that Pelafina uses almost themed based colors in her letters. She talks about amethyst, hekiotrope and lilac when requesting colors of her suitcases. I looked up the meanings of these and amethyst can: Amethyst features some healing attributes. It can make people calm and retain their purity. It also encourages positive transformation from being reactive to proactive. The Amethyst can keep the brain and also the entire human body functioning well . Its healing capacity targets more issues apart from the ones mentioned.

    This gemstone has a calming quality that promotes serenity and stillness. It has a special aroma that is good for the spirit. Additionally, it can significantly enhance oneís intellectual skills and sharpens oneís concentration. This gemstone is a good tool in alleviating mental stress, anxiety and trouble. It is a powerful stone that can help someone to transform from being pessimistic to optimistic.

    Amethyst carries a sharp quality of every type of revolution development, fatality as well as reincarnation. It takes away pressure, grief, misery, and heartbreaking depression. It improves ineffective communication. Itís the perfect gemstone for people, who desire to give up their addicting habits of drinking alcohol, using drugs and smoking cigarettes.

    Heliotrope can refer to a few things, but the most relevant I think is: An instrument for making signals to an observer at a distance, by means of the sun's rays thrown from a mirror. (page 641 she says ....baked in sun, with you)

    lilac: maternal, nostalgic and spiritual stability

    These were all themed in the same way when she was talking about leaving on oage 640.

    She also mentiones madder (medium to strong red), azure (light shade of blue), celadon (pale green) and gamboge (strong yellow) on page 615 when she is angry about the director. She refers to these colors as "debilitating flakes of color"

    Also, when I was looking for the pages with these colors, I noticed that on page 615 she says "the "l" no matter where it stands still stands for the same thing: loss of self. And then one of her last letters on page 641 when she talks about missing her suitcase, she signs the letter with just an "l". I thought this was short for love, but I don't think so!

    What do you guys think!??!

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    The four keys perhaps?


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      The four keys?

      "Heliotropism" is also the tendency for a flower to follow the movement of the sun.

      Gamboge is a sap from tropical trees, and is used medicinally as a cathartic. In parapsychology and the whole study-of-auras thing, a gamboge aura is supposed to indicate altruism.
      Celadon is a common color of East Asian ceramics.
      although, I feel here that the colors are used as metaphors for the pills that P. is given in the institution, and there's not much symbolic meaning behind them.

      p. 626: "Dell'oro, del oro, deloro." Gold/golden. In context, a possible juxtaposition of Johnny's brightness and the darkness of P.'s condition.