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House of Leaves (Das Haus) Radio Drama Wins an Award in Germany

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  • House of Leaves (Das Haus) Radio Drama Wins an Award in Germany

    Translation from the German:

    The special award for "Das Besondere Hörbuch" with this year's focus on "Best Adaptation" goes to "Das - of Leaves" (three radio dramas, each of them offering a different perspective of Mark Z.Danielewski's story, Der Audio Verlag, WDR)

    Pulitzer Award winner Will Navidson moves into his new . When an unknown hall appears he notices that the structure keeps changing. A small group of experts start exploring the new rooms which reveal a labyrinthine pattern. All the copies of Will's video footage of the expedition—known as "The Navidson Record"—disappear without a trace.

    Zampano, a blind amateur cinema expert, wants to learn more. He collects documents and tries to get to the underlying sources of "The Navidson Record". When he mysteriously dies, his material is taken up by Johnny Truant, whose work on the matter does not leave him unscathed.

    What is special here is that the production consists of three different radio dramas. Each of them covers a different layer (or level) of the narrative—a story the course of which the listener can determine for himself.

    As Amadeus Gerlach, CEO of DAV puts it: "Radio WDR has ventured to transpose this complex radio drama with thrilling and interesting results."

    The jury was enthusiastic, for "the listener turns into an adventure hunter for the blood-red thread."

    "Danielewski's novel combines elementary nightmare with quotations from Dante to Derrida. Thomas Böhm ingeniously creates an acoustic expedition out of the topographic and typographic maze of the text. He arranges the cumulative horror of fragments and dubiousness in three layers which tempt the listener to interactively zap between them."

    Other nominees were
    – "Don Quijote von der Mancha" (Miguel Cervantes, Der Hörverlag, DLF)
    – "Öland" (Johann Theorin, Der Hörverlag, DLR Kultur)