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The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church.

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  • The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church.

    I have attempted to use the search function to see if this has been posted up before, and got no hits, but I know that it can be erratic on occasions, so if someone has already noted the similarity, then the normal apologies apply.

    Last night I went to see a show called The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church by the English comedian Daniel Kitson. It is billed as a stand-up show, but is really closer to a 90 minute monologue and is set in the round, with the audience on all four sides of the stage.

    What struck me straight away was the subject matter. It concerns a which Kitson is supposed to have checked with a view to buying it. He becomes fascinated with a loft which the estate agent denies exists and has a look inside. He finds 22 boxes full of letters - over 30,000 of them. It transpires that they were written by the eponymous church, who supposedly killed himself in the some months earlier. The show revolves around Kitson acquiring the letters and piecing together the last 25 or so years of Church's life by putting them back in order and reading them.

    To be honest, the similarities between the two works are otherwise limited, but I thought I'd pitch it up in case anyone else was interested in it.

    It was certainly a very clever and very funny show and is playing at St Anne's Ware in Brooklyn until January 30th, followed by a tour of the UK and then Australia later in the year.

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    I desperately wanted to see this, promptly forgot about it and now both Brighton dates are sold out...