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  • The nightmare

    Johnny's nightmare makes me think of him as the minotaur, seeing as he is disfigured similar to the belief of the minotaur.

    The frat boy that turns into a girl that is is his mom, saddened by how she disfigured his arm with the oil (even states that his arms looked like they had been Dipped in it, which made his real scars look childish) and she is trying to kill him. She fails because she is crying and hits his arm which is the one she burnt, and then still crying, tries to kill him a 2nd time and fails.

    ...And what's more I've been put here by an old man, a dead man, by one who called me son though he was not my father.
    Obviously directed towards Zampano, but that isn't the interesting thing.

    This entire event happens on page 404.

    quite an error on johnny's part to mention this much.

    ps. Didn't spend much time looking for a similar thread, this was a very spontaneous post cause I had this dream again(or one close enough to it). Redirect it if we have too later.
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    Well helllooooooooooooo! Wooooould you care for teeeeeeeeea?


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      Can't stop thinking about this one page tonight, Damn nightmare has become my recurring one in the past year or so... just thought i would bring it back up.

      I'd figure it out, but I haven't touched my book probably since I posted this the original time.


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        One more thing to add. This is the last time Gdansk Man is mentioned before his death.

        Damn these 404 errors Johnny keeps making. I wish this page stopped drawing me back to this nightmarish book.


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