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Zampanos death/marks on the floor

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  • Zampanos death/marks on the floor

    I just talked to my mother whilst translating one of her emails into english, and described that passage about Z and the cats and his death.

    And out of nowhere she sais "That sounds an awful lot like a Werewolf to me."

    The wolf surrounding with cats (or is it a were-panther?) - the wolf among sheeps, the marks could be OF HIS ORRIGIAN / a symbol for him being a soldier/killer/madman/maniac/Johnny real father M.I.A.

    The police did not see the marks, yet Johnny did.


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    Johnny didn't notice the marks at first, Lude did.


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      Hurm... if Lude IS fictional, then the 'marks' might indeed be marks on his body - so either scars or bithmarks, which help JT to identify Z as either a soldier, or his father... if we're talking symbolism here...


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        Any ideas on this one? It still bothers me as one of the big unresolved mysteries...


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          Though many things Johnny conceives are figments of his imagination, I still don't like the theory Lude himself is as well. Parts of other people, maybe. Still, I somewhat agree with what was said before. Lude did notice the markings first, and because I believe Lude does in fact exist, that would prove the markings are not imaginary but quite real. Interesting that it in fact can be suggested the marks are on Zampano's body itself, I had never really thought of that. I can come to no straight answer or conclusion, though.