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Origins of the house?

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  • Origins of the house?

    Hello. I'm new here. I used the search function to see if my observation had been noted elsewhere before; however, it appears not.

    I believe I may have found a possible source of inspiration for the and some of the events in HOL. A few years ago I read a little-known book called THE CARVER EFFECT by Wolfgang Von Bober (1979). The book details Von Bober's allegedly true experiences while living in an infamous haunted mansion in northern Wisconsin called the Summerwind mansion -- probably the most famous haunted in the state (sadly, it was struck by lighting in 1981 and burned down).

    While reading the book I noticed numerous occurrences mirroring events in HOL. For example, rooms that have different measurements from day to day. Also, a skeleton found stuffed in a hidden compartment within a closet. There were many other similarities as well -- far too many to be coincidence.

    Could this book and allegedly "real" occurrences been a direct source for HOL?

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    Possibly. What other similarities are there?