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    Due to the placement of John Lennon references (i.e. Beatles' quotes, mention of John Lennon glasses) I find it noteworthy to note that John Sinclair is also a song about the poet/marijuana activist who shares his first and last name with the translator (also a real person) mentioned on page 4.

    While John D. Sinclair has translated such books as Monkeying Around with Text.

    Given MZD's ity with the work of The Beatles and his nod to John Lennon (among other aspects of HoL) I would find it hard to believe that MZD would not have also known of the John Sinclair whom John Lennon mentions on recordings such as Live in New York City.

    Of course, I find it equally interesting that the John D Sinclair writer monkeyed around with text.

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    All right, I'll bite. The only hit I get on Google for Monkeying Around with Text is this piece by Terry Butler from 2005. He does, to be sure, cite John D. Sinclair's translation of Paradiso, but I see no indication that the latter ever translated a text of the same name.

    John D. Sinclair did, however, translate Dante, just as Johnny says. So, if I may ask, what exactly, apart from the fact that John D. Sinclair and John Sinclair share a first and last name, and that the Beatles are alluded to elsewhere in the book, is the significance here?


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      Glad you asked

      At the end of the same chapter (Ch1 which begins with words of Lennon's "I saw a film today, oh boy"), at the bottom of page 6 we see yet another Sinclair (Lee) in footnote #6.

      Then, in the next footnote below we see the words "....garbled patter where even the subtitles appear as incomprehensible onomatopoeia....".

      Now, looking further to the right on the very next page we see a name that does not seem to be a real person. The name sounds like a garbled sentence in and of itself: Mirjana Gortchakova. Okay, so, before I go any further with that train of thought I wanna go back to what's at the top of this page (7).

      Note that the Weinstein brothers are described as garrulous (excessively talkative in a rambling, roundabout manner, esp. about trivial matters according to I see Weinstein and I am thinking onomatopoeia: Wein - sounding like Wine and Stein - the beer container mentioned earlier in the book - Z had those perfume bottles within them. So, there you have bottles and German beer mugs all floating around with garrulousness, a side effect of drinking alcohol (and you guys are lucky that I only type on this when I am sober here at work! you haven't seen rambling like me under the influence). What's more, at the end of the paragraph the word bar and mainstream interest appear in such proximity to sort of under-the-radar allusions to alcohol it seems to somehow corroborate my inkings.

      Okay, so, back to John Lennon and then the footnote on page 7.

      Earlier in the Chapter (1) there is mention of Navy saying he wished he had just lit a fire, to borrow a line from Norwegian Wood, when Navy expresses that he wished he had just burnt down the before all the mayhem. Some critics (and maybe Mr. Lennon has confirmed) that the end of Norwegian Wood can be interpreted as the narrator lighting a fire and thus burning down the . It was also from Help!/Rubber Soul era when they became really...herbivores, if you will. Others might interpret the "So, I lit a fire" line as, "So, I smoked a bowl" which would be congruent with John Lennon's method of coping at the time as well as Navy's brother's chosen method.

      So, at the top of pg 7 there is mention of Norway, of all countries.

      When I read the footnote I can't help but see a kind of closed caption version of "marijuana gotch covered" when mumbling Mirjana Gortchakova under my breath.

      While I am on the last few pages of chapter one I feel I should also draw attention to the interesting juxtaposition of the words strange shorts like these and a description of someone being lost in an otherwise easily chartable zone such as the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda shorts are another kind of shorts.