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  • "The House of" also means...

    "The of" is an old-fashioned way, going back to nobility, of saying a sur name. I.E. The of Gordon, The of Windsor. It's a term used in geneaology. A former professor would use the words "of the of" when calling role. So, especially in light of the elusive identity of people in the book and who might be related to whom, it seems like something worth considering.

    Also, there is a reference by Johnny in the book to a playing card: The King of Hearts. The card is called this because, like the one-eyed-jacks, the card has a trait particular to its suit and type: the Suicide King is called so because of the raised sword in close proximity to its head.

    It's within the same paragraph that Johnny seems to mention that he's up to something that he shouldn't be. One of those elusive "You got me" statements.

    With the playing card reference (not that the part of the book seems big enough to influence the title of the book) I wonder if there is some correlation between of Cards and of Leaves. Otherwise, the of the banana leaves (at Tex's with the hammock?) what is being referenced? Leaves, as I think was mentioned in another thread may deal with death or 'exiting' and I wonder if there are any more leads in the book (like with Pelafina, the Vietnam experiences, more) that might tie playing cards or surnames with the title of the book.

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    Actually, to what i have understood (not to put down, this is actually a some what good idea, just no proof) that leaves is another way of saying pages, being another way of book, book of pages. The other thing that came to my mind while reading this, is the book is actually a huge time line. If you know french, this is good.
    Don't post on it though, don't want people hating you in multiple countries.


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      I am sure it is already happening...

      Nevertheless, the book is titled " of Leaves" not "The ..."

      Furthermore, the title most likely comes from the poem within the book:

      Little solace comes
      to those who grieve
      when thoughts keep drifting
      as walls keep shifting
      and this great blue world of ours
      seems a of leaves

      moments before the wind.
      which indicates it would probably be "a ."



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        There is an English translation of the timeline too, do a search for "Chronologie" on the English forum.


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          Originally posted by amphigouri
          There is an English translation of the timeline too, do a search for "Chronologie" on the English forum.
          Thanks, forgot they did that, I'm rusty on my French so its been a bitch on some parts of that.


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            Short Fuse, you're right and sweet to not want me hated internationally. As a political cartoonist for a campus paper in a conservative town with oilmen's kids running amok I am used to being hated, so, no worries there.

            Of course the poem also has that wind word that has been blowing around.

            And, yes, I ascribe to the leaves being pages idea. Also, there's the Ash tree, banana leaves, that big tree that is spelled with a Y, and the kind of leave the reader may hope for regarding Navy and family to just get the heck out (leave).

            I'm just wondering if " of" is another homonym. The "The" was a goof, my bad.
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