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  • Danielewski is funny

    I was having this discussion with someone on this board about whether or not MZD's a genius, and the recycled aspects of much of the book, and the self-perpetuation of popular culture and blah blah blah.

    It's my fault I never really followed up on it or defended my point, or what have you. I sort of read what I had written and realized I had written "do to" instead of "due to," which is my leat favorite thing to see ... and I got all embarassed (sp?)and abandoned the whole thing. Sorry.

    I've been rereading the book lately, and I've just been sitting back and soaking up how funny it is. Like, even the horrifying parts. I mean, I'm no psycho or anything ...

    ... it's like that thing on ... wait ...

    ... pages 403-406 where J. Truant is relating that whole terrible dream sequence about the drunken frat boy that's going to axe him to bits, but then the frat boy turns into different women, the last of which he will not allow himself to reveal is his mother.

    I don't know. I know I'm almost certainly not turning any keys or cracking any codes for anyone. I just thought it was brilliant how the whole thing is like this blow-for-blow Beowulf satire. Ha!

    There's stuff like that throughout the whole book. How neat! How funny!

    Oftentimes I feel that satire is among the most underappreciated and underrated artistic forms ... I don't know where I'm headed with this. Nowhere probably.

    Hold on.

    Yup. Nowhere. Sorry.

    Y Bo F


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    Danielewski is funny

    MZD is rather funny, the things you missed the first time around, or just payed no attention to are the best parts. like, for example, just after the closet is discovered, Will and Karen go speak the the real estatle agent, to find out why the previous owners moved out, one said
    "they wanted something smaller" not particularly funny when taken out of context, but after knowing just how flippin huge the place really is, you just have to chuckle... there's small comments like that all over the book.

    koodos to MZD!


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