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Another book called "House of Leaves"

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  • Another book called "House of Leaves"

    I remember seeing it at the library when I was trying to find the one by MzD.

    It's a kids book by Koyoshi Soya.

    I can't find it anywhere else, the library has it.

    Maybe MzD knows of this?

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    Maybe everyone does?


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      Yes, I re(dis)member something about that book. I was searching my local library for it when an elderly librarian with (dyed?) red hair offered to help me find it. She escorted me to the correct isle whereupon she mounted a step ladder and attempted to retrieve the book from the top of one of the large metal shelves that we were surrounded by--engulfed by--in a seemingly endless labyrinth of books.

      I thanked her kindly and just as she stretched her body out, on her tipsy toes, she lost her balance (or did she ever have it to begin with?). Suddenly the whole bookshelf came crashing down, smothering me. It hit me before I even realized what was happening (or was it because I was too busy daydreaming?) The force of the impact instantly knocked me unconscious. But not after tearing my arm out of my shoulder socket. The pain was intense. There weren't enough words in all those heaping piles of books which now covered the two of us to describe the pain.

      But before I could even utter (scream?) even one word I suddenly realized there were no heaping piles of books, no ladder, no librarian, and I definitely wasn't in a library. I instead found myself lying, dazed, amongst shards of shattered glass, on my living room floor. Apparently a china cabinet had fallen on top of me as I tried to climb it.


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        Um, you can now delete posts when things like that happen.