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The "House" Word Moves Within The Text

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  • The "House" Word Moves Within The Text

    Yes, I am another new in fact that I have not quite finished the book...but I have indeed skimmed the important posts post and have followed the referenced links enough to know that I am getting in way over my head with this novel...or whatever it is.

    But that's not why I risked a virtual flaying to start this new topic.

    I did so because I hadn't seen any posts in the reference regarding this and I had to get it out of my head and on to...somewhere...before I potentially forgot.

    Has anyone noticed, in the book copy with the word in blue, that the actual word literally moves about in the sentences in which it appears?

    In my copy, at least, the word shifts about within the space between if the typist moved the paper before typing it or, as though someone deliberatly fiddled with the "sub", "super" text positioning in the word processing program with which this was typed.

    Either of which would require considerable effort on the part of the typist/processor.

    I thought it was interesting...both because of the shifting nature of the AND the fact that I noticed the anomaly about the same time Navy was first discovering the oddities of the .

    Off to devour the rest of this book. I'll hold myself back from posting much else until I finish, but I just had to get this out.

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    Check here.

    Also, this.


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      I'm not positive of this, but I'm fairly sure the book would go through 2 printing stages; one for the black ink and one for the blue. If that's right, then the movment of the word would simply be a result of the printing process not being 100% accurate.


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        Originally posted by sutrix
        Check here.

        Also, this.

        Somewhat disappointing though. I liked the idea that it was intentionally done.


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          If you are talking about what I think you are talking about, compare your softcover to the hardcover editions.

          In the hardcover, the blue is aligned perfectly with the rest of the text.