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    Please pardon me if the members will deem what I am about to ask as annoying but there are more than 50 pages and I can't find a search button or something so I figure making a new thread will be much easier. I just have one question- Was there a Navidson record video in real life? Whether it is a fictional film or not, I just want to know because it's so . I know I've heard of it before. I even asked my sister about it and she doesn't know anything about "The of leaves" and she also thinks she heard of it. I googled it but can't find much about it. But I'm so sure I heard of it before.

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    Re: The Navidson Record

    Originally posted by luc
    Was there a Navidson record video in real life?

    But I'm so sure I heard of it before.
    No. Hindsight bias. You heard the name and your mind made it up.

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      hmmm it took ellimist 10 minutes to get to this one....i think he is slipping in noob control......


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        "noob control"? What is this- some sort of MB filled with nerds who had to flame, or give new comers a hard time, to make themselves feel special? How mature...


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          Don't worry about it. No one's out to get you; but the search function is fairly obvious (it's certainly a damn sight more obvious than it was on the old forum), so Ellimist was just pointing it out to you in his inimitable fashion.

          Here, try some of these threads, and see if they help:
          Is this REAL or something we all believe?
          Fact/Fiction ???
          Is it real?

          Have a nice day.


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            My previous post was intended to whatcolor_death. Elliminist answered my question and it's all good.


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              Y'know? When I read the description of the Navidson Record, I swore I'd seen it somewhwere, too. A few of my other friends thought it sounded , but we couldn't cite a source. Either it's just very good writing or some form of that film exists. MZD did apparently go to film school. That sounds like something he'd have to study. Still drawing a blank, though. Sorry.


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                I'd say either the Blair Witch Project or The Last Broadcast for the format of the film (however they were released pretty much after HoL).

                You might want to check here for movies (and a whole lot more) that might be the inspiration for HoL.


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                  Thank ye'.