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  • Back in action

    I'm picking up of Leaves again. What have I missed?


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    I know I'm drunk and just being an egomaniac which is typicall but I have to say that the only problem with the new message board (which I guess is not in any way new anymore) is that it doesn't rank me by when I joined the messageboard. I would pretty much be god if that were the way things were ranked. And that's the truth, all I really have to hold on to is time and my words fall down the staircase like thumbtacks ready to stick my feet as I painfully retrace my steps.

    What that means, only cerveceria modelo knows



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      Running through bushes

      Since the board is boring and noone is up posting at four in the morning1.
      I have to say that the Corona in my eye is an amber sparkle of liquid burning the blood I live by. How many pieces2.[sic] do i have to shed and how many cells do I have to kill with this amber poison before I know3. how many cells it will take to rid me of the rest of this disaster.4.

      1. by the way it seems like I'm the only one to ever post like this consantly, are there any more psychos around here or what. Where is Falling Wuarters when you need him?
      2. hmmm....
      3. Now
      4. disaster=this post


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        Re: Back in action

        Hi Matt, what have you missed? Um, let's see...

        Hey Zeus!
        makes the heart grow fonder
        Key to All Mythologies
        Not to mention sutrix's wicked new Guide to the Forum

        How's that for starters?

        Other than that, um, some people have left and others have joined. But things are more or less the same as hallways.