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Incomplete Timeline part 2.

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  • Incomplete Timeline part 2.

    This is everything I have so far.. missing the middle. If anyone can clarify some dates and point me to pages, especially Karen's birthday, I'd be grateful.


    Circa 1720 is built p21
    ?pre 1917 Zampano is born pXIII
    1930 Pelafina Heather Lievre was born. P643
    1942 Holloway Roberts is born. P80
    1942 or 1947 (depending on whether or not Helmut Kereincrazch is basing Navy’s
    age on 48 years from the beginning of the Navidson Record or from his 1995
    piece) Navy is born. P9
    ?pre 1950 Reston is born. P37
    ?pre 1958 Z goes blind. P554
    1957 Jed Leeder is born p 81
    1964 Wax Hook is born p81
    1965 Thumper is born. P53
    1970 Reston loses the use of his legs. P37
    1970, September 21. Z writes of creating a son in his journal. P543
    1971, June 21. Johnny is born. P592, p594
    1978, September 17. Z writes an article to the LA Herald regarding a gun. P554
    1978 At age 7, J loses his mother to the Whalestoe institute. P claims that she tried to strangle him that day, but J remembers it differently. P517, p629
    1979 Navy begins his 11 years of arrivals and departures. I assume this is when they
    begin to live together as a family. P10
    1981-2 Tom and Navy break contact. P31
    1981 Blueprints are drawn for the . P29
    1981 Donnie, J’s father, dies in a truck accident. P585
    1982 Chad is born P9.
    1982 N breaks communication with Tom, his brother. P31
    1982, July 28. First published Whalestoe letter in HoL p587
    1983, April. J comes to live with Raymond, the Marine. P92
    1984, March. Johnny is hospitalised after being beaten by Raymond. P596
    1984, September 7. “tore me to pisces” p 599 (see p41)
    1985 Daisy is born p9
    1985, September 19. P asks J to put a “check” in the lower right hand corner of his next
    letter. P609.
    1986, April 5. “M Y D E A R Z A M P A N O…” p615
    1987, May 8. Coded letter from P. p620.
    1988, April 12. Possible source of J’s pseudonym. “Johnny is Truant.” P631
    1988, May 26. First Pelican Poem in New Haven. P574
    1988, September 2. Last Pelican Poem before a two year gap. Last one written abroad,
    probably. P580
    1988, September 19. “Crazy” letter from P. p632
    1989, January 12. The “Old Director” writes Johnny about P’s decline. P639
    1989, May 3. P writes J, possibly announcing her suicide to him. P642.
    1989, May 4, 8:45 PM. P asphyxiates herself in the Whalestoe Institute. P643
    1989, September 8. J claims P’s locket containing a letter from him. P644
    1990, April. Beginning of The Navidson Record. Family moves in the .
    1990, June. The Navidson’s return from a wedding to find the changed. P24
    1990, June. N discovers the unusual dimensions of the . P29
    1990, June (?) Audrie McCullough drives down from Washington D.C. to help
    Karen construct bookshelves. P33
    1990, June(?) N calls Tom for the first time in 8 years. P31
    1990, July. Tom, Reston, and N start measuring the .
    1990, July. Reston makes several trips to the one month after the bookshelves. P55
    1990, July. Chad and Daisy discover a change in the . P57
    1990, August 4 (?) Two famous friends visit the Navidsons. That night, he films
    Exploration A at 3:19 AM. P63
    1990, August 11. Pets disappear into the and reappear in the front yard. P75
    1990, September (late). Karen buys compass, which doesn’t work. P90
    1990, September (late). Exploration #1. P84
    1990, September (late). Exploration #2. P84
    1990, September (late). Exploration #3. P84 .
    1990, September (late). Exploration #4. P91.
    1991, “Man Looking In/Outward” Titled frame from “Exploration #4”. P662
    1991. “Exploration #4” is relased. P539
    1992, October 29-31 (beggars night in VA that year&#8230 [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] End of The Navidson Record
    film. P527.
    1993. The Navidson Record is released. P539.
    1996, after April. Chapter 1 is written by Z.
    1996, November. J is kicked out of his apartment by “Charles.” It burns down a week
    later. PXI.
    1996, December. Z tells Lude that he is going to soon die. PXI
    1996, December. J is dumped by Clara English and immediately develops a crush on
    Thumper. PXIII. P54.
    1996, December 25. Z finishes The Navidson Record, the book. P528.
    1997, January 6. Z dies. PXIX
    1997, January 7. Lude finds Z’s dead body. PXIII
    1997, January 14/15 3:00 AM. J is woken up by Lude to look through Z’s stuff. PXI.
    1997, March. J writes notes for Chapter 3. P20.
    1997, April. J writes notes to Chapter 5. P54.
    1998, August. Lude dies in a motorcycle accident. P492.
    1998, October 25. Beginning of Chapter 21. P491.
    1998, October 29. Gdansk attacks J.
    1998, October 31. J writes the introduction. PXXIII.
    2000 of Leaves 2nd Edition is published.

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    Incomplete Timeline part 2.

    1975: Johnny's arms are burned in the kitchen/oil accident (don't have my book, but see P.'s letter "You were only four and I was terrible in the kitchen...")



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      Incomplete Timeline part 2.

      Ah... bless you, how could I have missed that???



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        Incomplete Timeline part 2.

        You forgot to put down Tom's birthday as the same day as Navy's. Remember, they were twins.


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          Incomplete Timeline part 2.

          Ah-HaH! found the timeline! How about Whalestoe-related dates? I don't think there's an exact date of when it was shut down... P503 - July 1, 1998: Much to my surprise it was dead. Closed in April over 5 years ago.

          So in April 1993 the Whalestoe had already ceased to exist, but that's all I have.


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            Incomplete Timeline part 2.

            Looking for more dates.


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              Incomplete Timeline part 2.

              don't have the whalestoe letters yet, unfortunately...

              if you're interested in contributing to the faq...