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65DaysOfStatic encoded in HOL?

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  • 65DaysOfStatic encoded in HOL?

    I know this should probably be posted under the misc category and not in here, but bear with a newbie and this might actually pan out ok for us, honestly.

    My question was going to be about the type of music people might listen to when reading HOL, but I recently stumbled on a band called "65DaysOfStatic" from Sheffield who allegedly have a HOL connection. I was flicking through a small alternative zine (called "Gracefull Decline", it probably has a distribution of about 28 readers!) produced in my home town in Wales. In it was an article about 65DaysOfStatic where the band was asked about the origin of their name. Apparently they took it from an encoded phrase from the HOL (hence it being written as one word). The article explained the whole HOL premise and the band seemed to be big fans but they didn't go into any detail as to where/how the phrase was found (Grrrrrr!).

    I've searched through the postings here and can't find anyone who has mentioned decoding the phrase. What I've heard of their music kind of fits in with the feeling of some of the chapters in HOL; so I tried to piece together which tracks might be influenced by certain chapters in the book in case there is a pattern. No real luck yet. In case Im being dense I thought Id just ask outright if anyone here knows where the phrase is in the book? Some of those big old brains out there have gotta have cracked it by now! It's making me go a little bit Truant looking for it.

    Incidentally, personally I like to listen to a little - Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Brian Eno, Envy, Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band;and now 65DOS.

    ohh and I tried emailing the band through their website but got no reply (yet).

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    Can't help you out with the passage, but would you mind posting a link to the band's site? I'm intrested, and I'm sure there are probably a few others on the boad that would be too.



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      Their site is, not surprisingly,

      But the HoL thing is bollocks I reckon.


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        That's not very encouraging, fearful. :(