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holes in the floor?

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  • holes in the floor?

    Hey i'm new, and i just "finished" the book, and i'm pretty sure that this subject has been covered before, but what were those holes in old man Z's floor? maybe i missed it but if anyone can help me out, then please respond.

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    They were more like long scratches.



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      you're right they were. i just reread it. thanx


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        Um, I know this is more than slightly off topic, but I could have sworn that something I was reading last night had someone called Themnoria in it. I'm r eading The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster (pretty good, check it out!) and also something called The Temple and the by Lord Raglan, which has loads of stuff about myth and ritual nad is not uninteresting.

        Apart from that this board is the only thing I was reading, so maybe it was that. I think bad things are starting to happen to my head. Where did you get the name?


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          Isn't that the stuff PM's are made of?

          But since you ask, perhaps you should look here. Hell, it may even resurrect the thread, in which case it ought probably to be moved Out of the Way.


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            Thanks! By the way, I'm really dim, what's a PM?


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              PM = Private Message


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                Originally posted by dd
                ...I'm really dim...
                I don't think you need to tell people that.