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OT: Love In A Dead Language, great book

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  • OT: Love In A Dead Language, great book

    Damn, I love when I stumble upon a great book at the library, and now I will share it with you, "Love In A Dead Language" by Lee Siegel.

    This "novel" (I refer in quotes, as it does not read like a novel at all, more like an academic treatise--but it is FUN to read) is a bawdy, romantic parody of the Kamasutra, written by a modern-day murdered, love-smitten university professor and duly annotated and translated by one of his students. The best way to describe this is to ask the rhetorical question: "What if Philip Roth, John Barth and MZD collaborated on a translation of The Kamasutra"?

    This book is replete with epigraphs, footnotes, in-jokes, charadic puns (explained in the book), translations of Sanskrit Indian lit and philosophy, academic memoranda, even a page or two of putative sheet music and CD-Rom game instructions. What fun! Fans of HoL's structural games will love this.

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