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Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

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  • Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

    Hey guys, I'm a really new poster (this is my first one) and I'm also rather ignorant to what has already been posted here... I see that there are more than quite a few of you and quite a few regulars at that. I noticed a few parrallels in the story between Johns life, and facets of characters portrayed in the navidson project... and I was wondering if you have already visited these? Like I said I'm new, so please don't flame me too much... I'm as hungry as the rest of you are to find the ....
    For example.. Karens use of the mirror to perfect her smile in an attempt to disguise her true feelings... and Johnny's Mother...using the same exact method to mask her emotions...
    The Wrist comment... the girl that he said such nice things about her wrists but didn't include it in his comments... did anyone notice a major wrist influence within the navidson project as well? I know I saw it... I remember it... but how clearly... how many times will I eat through this book....

    Where will I find myself the next time I remember something so vividly... The very nature of the story is in some ways reminscent of Poe, not the singer and sister, but E.A. Poe... and in that way the story would seem to unfold and suggest that Zampano is simply an alter ego... or perhaps a split self that has been repressed from senses and sends messages to Johnny through blackout periods... and then the waking johnny, or the conscious man needs to put the pieces of his "blind" sleeper together. sleeeeepp..... ZzzzzZZzzZzZzaamPano!!!

    Of course I could be just jumping to conclusions... but... then again Tom does call his brief high a "familiar haze".... and so does johnny...

    My name actually is Johnny... which isn't that uncommon as its the second most popular name in our nation... but I just wanted you guys to know that when Johnny's mom wrote Johnny Johnny johnny over and over on the page I noticed something... that you might not really know unless your a huge fan... the STRUCTURE of the words was not just any structure...but that of a tail... the same exact structure that Lewis Carrol used in one of his poems in Alice in Wonderland [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]
    I hope I can add something to this community... and maybe we can come to some conclusions about a few questions we all seem to have..

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    Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

    at the risk of being trite....

    there is a really nifty way to tell if something has been brought up before.

    in the top righthand corner of the screen, there is a menu of the one that says "search". type in the topic you want to discuss, and youll get a list of threads.

    nifty eh?

    besides the lewis carroll thing, everything you mentioned has been beaten to death over and over again.

    but yeah, welcome.


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      Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

      Sorry about that, [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] maybe next time I'll be more intuitive with the web site, as this was my first visit and I was looking to get some things off my chest anyway.

      Thanks for the pointer though! [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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        Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

        oh sangus, you are so sweet. the search function wars on this board are legendary. I was embroiled in a treacherous one with the member fatwoul and then became insanely attracted to him.


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          Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

          Originally posted by PeachPartyDress:
          ...I was embroiled in a treacherous one with the member fatwoul and then became insanely attracted to him.

          Sorry, Bonemaster3000, what was that?


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            Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

            What? I'm confused.


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              Johnny IS Zampano!!!!

              Don't worry about it. It's before your time.