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Spiral Staircase Under House in Ipswich

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  • Spiral Staircase Under House in Ipswich

    There exists in Ipswich MA a on the border of a nature preserve
    I go there frequently
    I found myself taking a photograph of this and then going inside of the - the woman at the desk she sells things in the little store inside- I asked how old the was- she said that it was built in the late 1600's but was built on an archeological find- the basement walls were built over a series of walls- which were spiral- and had steps of stone going down however it was all filled in and you could only see the top- but that it existed under the -- now the chances of me finding this out one week after finished THE OF LEAVES left me to shiver and wonder what this little chance information was attempting to tell me- I asked fi i could go down into the basement and the woman said "no" the public are not invited.
    so I bought a book on fungi. and off I went.
    anyone interested in a copyof the picture of this feel free to leave you snail mail address- or maybe I can find a way to scan it and post it- and the location of the Ipswich Wildlife sanctuary is listed on the net (i assume)-ackpal

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    Spiral Staircase Under in Ipswich

    Man, you got to cut us in on some of that fungi action.