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A Couple Questions... Mainly biblical reference

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  • A Couple Questions... Mainly biblical reference

    I'm new to this forum so I've just been looking around the past few days; this is my 1st post.

    I don't know if you have gone over this before but I remember clearly a spot in the book where Johnny corrects Zampano's misdirected bible quote, only to be corrected himself by the editors. (I just spent a half hour looking for the page, but I can't find it right now). Was this to further connect Johnny & Zampano? Or maybe to show them further apart, as if they were in their own worlds and the details thereof don't necessarily match. Like the paradox of the , a loss of continuous reality between three seperate worlds simultaleously existing.

    Also, another argument for the Johnny=Zampono (although I don't believe that theory myself) Zampano's use of air-ground signals in footnotes, despite the fact that it is Johnny's life (his father the pilot) who should (and does at points) use them.

    I noticed a few more things I dont remember seeing in topics, but I'll write those later.

    Hope you guys have some comments...

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    A Couple Questions... Mainly biblical reference

    Thanks Michele.

    Oh, and my point about the misquted bible reference was that maybe Johnny and Zampano exist in a different reality from each other, who would correct a mistake only to make one of their own in the same exact way? Perhaps the Navidson project actually exists in Zampano's world (sorry if I'm using a bizzare logic, but this book is all about the inexplicable mixing with the normal, right?),
    and all the references he makes are true in his own personal reality.


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      A Couple Questions... Mainly biblical reference

      I don't really support the theory of Zampano=Johnny anymore, although it was the first one I had when I started analyzing the book. Think of it this way:

      Johnny adds "water" to Zampano's mention of a heater. You never would have known if he hadn't said so. So, while Johnny may not be necessarily Zampano, he's certainly changing stuff around. "had extion had not caught up with me", the weird layout that Johnny wouldn't say was his or Zampano's, and the air-ground symbols - all stuff Johnny could have put in himself to alter Zampano's text, not having to be Zampano as the same person to do it.