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  • I noticed this effect the same day I read some of the posts in this thread so I'm not sure if it acted as a catalyst in my realization of this effect. Anyhow, I walked into my living room to find my sister watching some sort of infomertial about leasing or buying a . I immediately left the room and experienced a deep fear of ever owning a . I am only 19 years old you see, so I have no experience in being a home-owner. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to stop thinking about it. If anybody would like to contact me about this, please do. I look forward to hearing your insight.


    • I've had a dream in which I was in a maze, but I don't think it was related to of Leaves.


      • Ha, my story is a completely different twist.

        I first read of Leaves about 8 months ago.

        I've had a reoccuring dream of walking down a damp, dark hallway, kind of in a deep purple color with faint decorations. I just keep walking.

        After reading , This dream slowed it's frequency and eventually stopped. Probably just my mind trying to mess with me. Or me being an idiot!! yay.


        • for me, the exact opposite has happened. i used to have night tremors and terrifying dreams (partly because my brother commited suicide about a year ago) and since i have read the book, i haven't had any nightmares. it's great. i guess it's kind of like speed for ADD kids


          • Originally posted by
            it's kind of like speed for ADD kids
            of Leaves - My AntiDrug


            • I have a couple of different nightmares that recur. One is about losing my teeth. DeleriumXV mentioned something like this, but:

              'Something that one can "get one's teeth into" relates to a power or control issue. Losing the teeth may reflect a loss of power as well as a loss of one's grasp of life circumstances.' James R. Lewis The Dream Encyclopedia, 1995 p. 357.

              This rang true, because the time I looked up this dream was when it happened the day after I'd been burglarized a couple of years ago.

              The other dream I have every so often is about the world flooding. I've had each of them (teeth and flooding) three or four times. The thing is, though, each time it's different. I wake up afterward and realize something about the dream that just wasn't right and think "It wouldn't happen that way." Then, the next time I have it, it's different and more realistic, somehow.

              With the world flooding dream, the first time I had it, I was really young. The dream happened like a movie, it was all third person, but the water was travelling across the surface of the planet in one big wave. On the opposite side from where it 'started' was a plane trying to take off to avoid it, but then just as it got airborne, the waves met up with each other like an 'iris-out' and the resulting splash knocked the plane out of the sky.

              The next time I had it, we knew the world was flooding and locked ourselves in a building with no windows. We wound up just living there. There wasn't any actual water in the dream (it was just about how we dealt with being locked in the building), but the doors were just a regular set of double doors, so when I woke up I thought "the pressure would have pushed the doors in."

              The next time I had the dream, we constructed domes high up in trees. Big domes that, when the water rose, would trap the air inside them. Again, the dream had a lot to do with living while the water was already there.

              The most recent one: It was all about avoiding the water as it rose, inch by inch. We kept having to relocate. In the end of the dream, we still had plenty of planet and elevation to relocate to, but a meteor hit the planet and we all died anyway.

              Actually, that's another one. Occasionally, I have a dream about a meteor hitting, or another planet colliding, but it's always something that happens as the last part of a dream.

              A nightmare I used to have when I was really little: Total darkness, except for a circle of light on a brown surface. No lightsource visible. Two creatures (raised fur, claws, sharp teeth) slowly circling each other before they both pounce and tear each other apart; but there's no blood. In fact, now I don't remember if they ever actually fought. Just forever circling one another.

              I actually have some other, more disturbing, dreams from early childhood, but I'll leave those for people who ask. hehe :? The one I have in mind is kinda bizarre and makes a lot of people look at me like I'm insane. When I told a more recent friend of mine, she looked like she was about to cry.

              So far, though, I don't think I've had any dreams directly caused by reading HoL.


              • About a week after reading the book, I had a recurring dream where I was holding onto a rope. In the dark. And there were footsteps and knocking everywhere. And something would brush up against my left shoulder - at which point I'd wake up. Every night.


                • I once dreamt when I was little that I was a corpse in the basement and that bugs were crawling all over me and inside me. I could even see bugs crawl out of my eyesockets. Quite horrifying!

                  And then there was that dream about a statue of Mary coming to life (just the arms) and then those arms chase me around my , stretching longer and longer as they are still attached to the statue.


                  • are these dreams related to of Leaves, or just strange dreams?

                    *everyone respond who thinks I may be replying to you.


                    • no one responded to me.


                      • I read HoL in three days and had nightmares each of those nights, though never again (which is almost unfortunate now, as in an odd way, I enjoyed feeling as though I was experiencing the so vividly). I realized that there was so much more meaning behind the book and with this realization I know that the purpose was not to scare; I did not find anything scary about it when considering that TNR is a metaphor for... well, that's for you to figure out (as I still am).

                        Though my dreams consisted of the following: walking through a black hallway flashing a light only to actually see the length of the hallway extend, revealing a figure at the end which swiftly moved upon a glance, the minotaur? My light later not working, though having the sense that there was something near me, beside me, since I couldnt' see it, it would reel in and stand next to me, just letting me know it was there, then if my light came back, it would disapeer.

                        That was the basic theme, though it became so lucid and I knew I was in a dream, I was actually enjoying the feeling of experiencing the . Perhaps if I didn't know it was a dream (as what happens in many), it would be a different story. Haven't had one since, only those three.


                        • Every time the thought of the book crosses my mind during the day, it always comes up every night, right before I head to my room in the basement. Dark stairs... gives me the willies, for sure. I even needed to get my stuffed Elephant that I've had for years to comfort me. And since my is old and I have three cats, I'll randomly hear creaking, meowling (howling meows), or a billion claws scatter across the hardwood floors. At random intervals.

                          As for dreams, I had one the night right after I read the book. I felt suspended, and all I could hear is this voice, changing rapidly from sad to angry to mocking and so-on. Slowly, this grey-ish light begins to fill the room.

                          All I can see is everyone one I've known or ever known.
                          Except there's one difference.
                          Their eyes have been ripped out by force.
                          As my eyes closed in on my current interest, I felt myself going to yell in my dream... and then I woke up, yelling at the top of my lungs.

                          That was by far the scariest and most realistic nightmare I've ever had. Thank you MZD :?


                          • huh, so has everyone had nightmares? or has anyone else stopped having nightmares because of of leaves? i found that it scared the shit out of me so much, i stopped worrying about it, fear is inevitable, so why care? anyone else?


                            • I've never had a HoL related nightmare...just one about Chris Eubank once that I'd rather not go into.


                              • It's the eyes. They're watching you.

                                And they don't like what they see.