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  • Just Finished the Book - Observations

    Upon finishing the book, it struck me that Johnny is a fictitious character invented by Zampano. I read the Appendix with the info. about Zampano and saw the part about inventing a son whose lusts and such would carry him through life...that seemed like a pretty big clue to me.

    I also think the Navidson Record is fictitious the same as Johnny. The represents loneliness and is defeated when Karen sacrifices herself to save Will.

    Then again....there's no telling what's in the author's head...I could be wrong.

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    this is actually part of an existing theory, which is based on the assumption that zampano is real. it basically says that johnny is the child that dies at the end of the book, is the son of zampano and pelafina (one of which uses johnny as a narrator for his WWII trauma's, the other has a messed up memory and doesn't remember what is real and fake and is institutionalized) . the other main theory is that pelafina wrote it, to cope with the death of her son (who she killed while going mad) and the (institutionalized loneliness because of) separation from her husband (zampano (aka donnie who died in (an imagined series of events to cope with her loneliness) a truck crash)). in neither of those is the navidson record real (assuming their world works the same as ours (aka the impossible existence of the (which would be logical since it's meant to be read as "real")).