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Big dot on page 312

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  • Big dot on page 312

    It's a real big period, the only thing on the page, to end chapter XII.

    Legend has it, Joyce wanted a real big dot to end the Bloom sections in Ulysses, but the publishers made it far smaller than Joyce wanted.

    So MZD is in a sense "correcting" the publishers's mistakes, "recovering" Joyce's vision, in a manner of speaking.

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    Big dot on page 312

    There's another big dot on the last page. Yggdrasil. Is it possible that the verse is some sort of footnote to this section?


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      Big dot on page 312

      funny . . .
      the big 'dot' on 312
      is preceded by some talk of
      a screen going blank
      and upon turning the page
      i had this image
      of a tv going off
      and the beam residue. (dot)
      it was visual for me.
      'course doesn't much explain
      the yggdrasil 'dot.'
      so i'm going for punctuated
      end-of-the-section stuff.


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        Big dot on page 312

        A little more on that big dot, since I just took a course on Ulysses, so now of course I think I know everything. The dot is at the end of the second to last episode in Ulysses, so, just like HoL, there's more after it. According to Joyce, it was supposed to represent QED, marking the end of a logical argument. The book before it was divided into three separate sections, which Joyce then claimed were the three arguments in a syllogism, which is what the QED was for. This does interesting things when you look at the three authors of HoL. Since the third term of a syllogism connects the first two, that seems like it could give support to people who want to argue that one character is a connection between the other two, although you can take your pick as to which one.

        There's a whole other thread about Ulysses, but it sort of turns into a modernist/postmodernist debate, so I'll just post this next part here, although I wanted everyone to know that, although I am new, I did search. Anyway, the two main characters in Ulysses, Bloom and Stephen Deadalus have two very interesting parallels with Johnny and Z. First, many people see them as both in some way representing aspects of Joyce, so in some ways they can be seen as being the same person. Also,Bloom has lost a son, and Stephen in some ways becomes his son's replacement by the end, if you want to read it as having a happy ending, just like Johnny lost a father, and Z lost, well, who did he lose?

        anyway, something to think about. If this has been said before, I'm sorry, I tried.


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          Big dot on page 312

          huzzah for tweak! taking an older thread and expanding upon it instead of simply starting a new thread!

          your getting a five star rating.


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            Big dot on page 312

            yeah! wtg! woo!

            i like the idea of the tv screen as well. especially if you stare at the page for a while and then look away. it's dark and there's a white dot in the middle (if some of you don't wanna take the time to do that [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]