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House Of Leaves was crap, but I loved House of Leaves

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  • House Of Leaves was crap, but I loved House of Leaves

    Working in a corporate book store I can find fun tittles all around in very neat search engine, I work for "Ku Klux Borders" is what I like to call it, two of these probobly mean nothing just coincidence but I will like to take a look at them, the other Of Leaves, and yes oh yes, I have found another book by Mark Danielewski... Not the Whalestoe Letters.

    One) " Of Leaves" by Gale, Janice M. and Vandyck, Egmont. Isbn # is 0967735300

    Two) "The Of Leaves" by Tarn, Nathaniel. Isbn # is 0876852592

    And Three) If you know of this book tell me about it, I can't order it at work, as it costs me 100 smackaroos... (drumroll please)

    "Diffusion & Reaction, Solid State Phenomena" By Mark Danielewski Isbn # is 3908450519

    But the Author as oposed to Of Leaves and Whalestoe does not list the Z as the middle initial...

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    Of Leaves was crap, but I loved of Leaves

    Bored at work? [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] You can look up all of these books on The first two are filed under poetry and the last one has a description. I also recommend poking through the user reviews for MZD's HOL for fun.