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I just started the book

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  • I just started the book

    Can anyone help me with the book, see I am a diehard fan of Poe so I thought I would get her brother's book. Don't get me wrong I love the book to death and it is really good, but it is weird, and does someone think they could reply to me so I can get to understand it. I just started on the Navidson thing, but hey I love the book I can't put it down since I got it. thanks

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    I just started the book

    Don't worry about the book.I think we were all a little bit freaked by it the 1st time we read it. Just read it.There is no right or wrong way.We all have our theories on who's who and what we think is actually happening but we all have different perspectives on life so we decipher the information in front of us differently.You see what YOU see and interpret the way only YOU can.That's what makes the book so good it means something different to everyone!
    Keep on reading it and when you've done read it again things are always changing in it!
    Just like the . [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]