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a few questions (possible spoiler)

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  • a few questions (possible spoiler)

    first off, i will apologize, as i am sure the questions in this post are redundant to many of the senior members of this discussion group. the size of this board is way to immense for my attention span, and any searches i have tried have only yeilded plentiful, yet unsuccessful results. again, i'm sorry if these topics have been mentioned a million times in the past.

    also, i will apologize for my lack of references at the moment, because i've let my girlfriend read the book, and it's at her (i'd wait until i got it back, but i'm afraid i'd forget the questions i have by then). so if i'm vague, just bear with me.

    first off, i'll bring up the note card i belive to be in the "contrary evidence" sections, the sections that have the footnotes and snips of paper from zampano. in this particular note, it starts out with "perhaps i will alter the whole thing..." and goes into talking about the killing the children (cutting chad in half in front of karen and daisy falling into a pit during navidson's attempt to save her), then concluding with "douse them in infanticide. drown them in blood."

    part of me assumes that this note, which you all know wasn't included in the navidson record, was supposed to have taken place during "the escape" (or "the evacuation"), with daisy falling into the same pit as tom, him being unsuccessful in saving her. but this theory is then negated by the fact that by the time tom fell into the pit, karen and chad had already made it out of the . but part of me still wonders if maybe the events mentioned by zampano(?) on this notecard were supposed to be an idea for an even less happy ending to "the escape," or just a random thought by the madening author. or i could just be incredibly dense.
    moving on...

    i'm sure somebody by now must have noticed that johnny's sex life before finding the book doesn't sound like it was that great, but the time inbetween his initial find and his sexually nullifying descent into madness, he's living out every teenage boy's fantasy? i mean, the guy gets laid more times in a few weeks time than the average male gets in...well, i'm not up on my statistics, buy i'm assuming in a while!

    this also makes me think of the little list he comprised naming off (and giving details) of all of lude's sexual conquests in one month (november, i think? i'm probably wrong) should give this consideration when thinking about the whole "is lude real or a part of johnny truant?" issue.

    back to the issue, does anybody think that the book could have had something to do with johnny not being able to shake the girls off with a stick? i would appreciate anybody's views on this matter.

    lastly, and sadly the most vague, i'm sure you people have noticed that in a few instances, zampano will touch on a subject that later happens to johnny truant, or even pelafina will mention something that zampano had earlier made reference to. again, since my book is at my girlfriend's , i can't look up the exact instances, so i probably just shouldn't have said anything.

    anyways, any thoughts would be appreciated.
    happy new years.