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  • another missing word

    this derives from a werdfert post...

    on page 150, as johnny runs from the "walker in darkness", "the floor beneath me fails into a void"... another obvious misspelling? or a real misprint... well the index is so keen on marking certain words... the word "fail(s)" in the index is not noted to be on page 150 and here it is, but the index does mention 8 other pages for "fail"

    oh well.


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    another missing word

    You asked about buttons...well when I went to look for it, button is in the index but buttons isn't...same thing here I guess.

    Or was the topic ("another") referring to buttons...hmm never mind ;P

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      Isn't there a part in the book where one of the authors (I'm pretty sure it's Truant) talks about changing just one letter in a word (an "l" into an "i") and how it changes the meaning of the word and the other words around it? I can't find where exactly it is.

      I kind of took it as a hint that it has been done in more places in the book, possibly in places where it may have a significant impact. Perhaps the index is a way of pointing out where these intentionally changed words are? Have you checked to see if it lists the word "fall" for that page instead of "fail".

      Oh my now I'm all giddy as I may have stumbled upon something.


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        The index lists the word fall for page 150, but does not list the word fail. Although, the word fall does appear on page 150 as well.