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  • Not a virgin

    I can find a connection to HoL in every song of the cd "Haunted" except "Not a virgin". Is it suppose to stand out on it's own, or am I missing something in the lyrics?

    I looked at old posts and I used the search function and nothing came up about the song being related to HoL.
    If it is an old topic forgive me. It's my first post.

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    Try this thread.

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      As it says in the album, it's connected to the page where the references of Lude's one night stands are. Get the meaning...? Lude's definitely not a virgin....


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        Actually, I spent this past weekend going over the passages in the liner notes that "correspond" with the book, and they don't all add up. I think the Lude connection sort of works, but I think "Not a Virgin" actually corresponds more to the Ashley/Johnny story, in which she wants to lose her virginity before she gets married (sorry, I'm at work, no book, so I can't put in the page numbers). I mean, some of the passages do line up with the songs, but there were definitely times when I was frustrated, because like the index in HoL, things just aren't completely accurate.