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Haunted in relation to House of Leaves

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  • Haunted in relation to House of Leaves

    Am I the only one that finds that Haunted and HoL don't really match? I fail to see a convincing (musical) link between the the lyrics, fine, i agree they are HoLish...but I don't think the general musical ambience it creatres is appropriate for the book.
    Is it supposed to? how much relation is there supposed to be between the two? maybe it's not supposed to go together all that much...or maybe i'm just blind....

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    Have you listened to the song of Leaves by Poe?


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      ok, that one i agree....i kinda like it actually.....but the rest...the more musical pieces


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        I for one think that the album is intrically connected to the book of Leaves. I think it shows who the characters in the book are based on. Like Navidson is based on Poe's father, her Karen based on her mother, and then it becomes assumed that Chad is based on the author of the book itself. In the song spanish doll it proves how Daisy is based on Poe when Poe sang about her sweet spanish doll, which by no concidence is Daisy's favorite toy. and this album i think is to bring to light other point of views that is hidden within the book. Like the children for example.

        Another example would be the point of view of the minotar ( i know i can't spell ) or in other words teh ominious growl. Like in the song Wild, about how she was waiting all that time growing stronger. It parallels the minotaur and the hidden part of us all that we leave behind to beable to function within society. and the reason that it goes wild is because people try to disconnect themselves from it and in teh process it becomes unfamilar to us and "wild". like the song in Poe's album, and like the growl in the book.

        i know this is all probably incoherent to normal people. i've just finish with some sort of brain melt down. i can't explain it. but anyway. the futher you look into the book, and thr further you look into the lyrics the more connections their are. and if everything was obvious and easy to understand it wouldn't be the of Leaves we have all grown to love and cherish.