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  • Buscame!

    I think that writing is dehydrated speech. It lacks meaning , tone, body language , expression. I dont think that by just reading lyrics to a song you can get the tone or just the movement of it... for example (poe- Haunted)..."So this is how it feels
    To breath in the summer air
    The feel the sand between my toes
    And love inside my ear
    All those things that you taught me to fear
    I've got them in my garden now
    And you're not welcome here
    Come here!"
    The background music , the transition of the music as it leads to this last verse and the way Poe uses her voice is moving to me.
    By just reading the lyrics I could't get that same movement of emotion [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]
    Speech has more expression. It's rare to find an author that can express themselves in writing............

    "-Si nunca te fueras, no hubieran
    lagrimas, buscame, tengo el alma rota"

  • #2

    I agree with you, like in the title track's bridge: "I will alway want you, I will always need you, and I will always miss you..." God, it gives me chills just typing it here thinking about how she sings it!