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  • Poe

    Right after the first time that I read HoL, I heard "hey pretty" on the radio... it freaked me out so bad because it reminded me of the part (don't remember the page number) where Jonny is riding along with Tatiana... the lyrics got under my skin and Johnny flashed through my head. Since I've found this site (extremely recently) i've heard and read about Poe, so to see what the big deal is/was and the connection, i downloaded a few songs from "Haunted." I had listened to that one already, but it didn't connect, but when i walked into my room from the shower and heard it, it was just like the first time that I had heard the song. It freaked me out again, and when i saw who was singing the song, the whole connection was clear, and now that song makes since to me. Now I know why I was creeped out the first time that I heard it. If any of you have had any similar experiances with Poe or any other item related to HoL, please share.

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    It's really strange, but even though I haven't really have quite the same experience as you, I have felt that I am with the whole concept of ' Of Leaves', as if it is part of my subconscious. I think C.G. Jung would have been facinated the book. Poe is also very Jungian, in my opinion.


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      Yes! I know exactly what you are talking about. The other day, I started reading Mark Danielewski's " of Leaves" and losing myself in the maze while weirding myself out in the process.

      I was sitting in my office today listening to a local college radio station when the 2001 remix of "Hey Pretty" came on. Staring at my screen, I started to get that feeling that somebody/something was behind me. My attention focused on the song and specifically the 'spoke word' aspect of it and I found that I knew what the guy was going to say before he said it. It was definitely strange and I couldn't place where I knew it from until the speaker got to the part of unzipping the girls pants.

      Immediately the hairs on my arms stood up with the recognition. Well that got
      searching and truly interested in "Haunted".


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        There are so many moments on the album that chill me. The groaning noises of the spook me the fuck out.


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          i'm just reading of leaves now for the first time, but i've loved poe's music for a while now.

          but i had a burned copy of haunted, so i didn't know much about the mzd/HOL connection until recently.

          so haunted is amazing, and very haunting, but i love that about it.
          i love scary things.

          so now that i'm a lot further into the book, tons of haunted means different things to me.

          i mean, they mean the same things they used to, while gaining another layer.
          like onioning, you know?

          great collaboration of poe and mzd.
          very cool